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Merkaba Meditation is a website dedicated to teaching meditation and yoga practices. Our aim is to help individuals reduce stress, increase focus, and improve their overall wellbeing through these ancient practices. Our expert instructors will guide you through various meditation techniques and yoga poses that are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Merkaba Meditation is here to support you on your journey towards inner peace and harmony. Join our community today and discover the transformative power of Meditation and Yoga.

Merkaba Meditation

Why Meditation ?

Happiness and hope

Happiness and hope

Meditation makes you happier and more hopeful.

No anxiety, stress and depression

No anxiety, stress and depression

Meditation helps you manage anxiety, stress and depression.

Better sleep quality

Better sleep quality

Meditation helps you fall asleep and improves your sleep.


Immediate result

Meditation benefits are almost immediate.


No dependency

You needn’t be a religious person to meditate and Meditation.

powerful memory

Meditation sharpens your memory and improves its performance.

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